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Debut album, The Man I Love:

"Young-Ae is versatile and talented singer with a very unique sound and style" by Professor Lisa Torsion at Berklee College Of Music.

"Young-Ae has a lovely and velvety alto voice with a full range of expression" by Professor Matt Marvuglio at Berklee College Of Music

Young-Ae's solidly alto voice is reminiscent of that of Edith Piaf", by

C. Michael Bailey at All About Jazz Magazine

"Young-Ae's singing style in "I'm A Fool To Want You"& "My Funny Valentine" is like female Chet Baker", by Daewoon Kang at MM Jazz

2nd album, Because I Love You:

"There is elegant and antique music that portraits traditional jazz and attempt to find the interface between jazz and Korean traditional music on this album". by Heesung Anh @Jazzpeople

3rd album, Songs For My Father

​"그녀의 재즈 선율은 듣는 사람을 시간 여행자로 변형시켜 주는 정겨운 매력을 발산한다"  by 에세이 작가 강대헌

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