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Young-Ae Jung is a Korean-born vocalist, songwriter and educator. She had worked for Hyun-Dai Marine Shipment (현대상선)Co., Ltd.,but one day she realized that the office administration work was not what she wanted to do. After leaving the job, she started singing as a vocalist. She took private voice lessons.  Even she learned the Korean traditional music, Pan So Ri that trained her to have great tone quality.


Young-Ae has performed for over eighteen years as a professional.  She sang seven days a week as a lead singer of house bands at prestigious hotels and also performed concert halls in South Korea.  Due to her extensive experiences with different styles of music, she bacame a versatile singer.  She was a bandleader.  She chosen the repertoires and arranged songs.  She also managed the teams' businesses as a leader.


She went to the contemporary music school, Dongduk Women's University.  Her major was voice principal and she studied composition as well. After completing one year of her Master Program at Dongduk Women's Graduate School, she decided that she come to America in order to study jazz more deeply.


Young-Ae was on the voice faculty member at Music Dept. in Gimcheon University of Korea.  She loves teaching. Nevertheless, she decided to quit the teaching position to come to America in order to be a better teacher. She was the first person who became a music professor among her alumni.  Due to this, she became an inspiration to her alumni.  She was a member of the Korean jazz music association, which allowed to performing several times with the members in Moon-Wha Daily Newspaper Concert Hall in Seoul, Korea.


Currently, she is a faculty member in Mordern Applied Music Department at Sungshin Women's University(성신여대).


Young-Ae had private voice lessons from Sheila Jordan, who is a legendary American jazz vocalist.  She was very lucky to meet Sheila Jordan because she felt she could learn authentic jazz from Sheila Jordan.


Young-Ae came to Berklee College of Music in Boston.  In this school, she gained so much theoretical and practical knowledge about music. By immersing herself in the art form, Berklee had truly helped her growing up as a jazz musician.


She offered private voice lessons in Boston from 2007 to August  2013 and was a voice instructor at the Boston-Korea Community Center, part of the Boston-Korea Newspaper. 


Young-Ae released her debut album, The Man I Love, June 2013.  This album is the harvest of her time spent learning American music.  Two of the nine songs on the album are her own compositions such as A Rainy Autumn Day in Boston and YAJ's Bop.  The album truly shows her versatility, her abillity to communicate emotion and her deep love of music.

She released her second album, Because I Love You in October 11th, 2016. She composed and written all songs and lyrics on this album. Also, she arranged all of them except the songs; A Rainy Autumn Day in Boston and YAJ's Bop.

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